Monday, January 29, 2007

It'll Burn Your Eye Out

Last week someone at the YMCA stole Linzy's curling iron.

My initial theory was that it would just turn up in the lost and found, because seriously, who would steal a curling iron? My second theory was that if someone was stupid enough to steal a used curling iron, they would also be stupid enough to keep using it at the YMCA. Unfortunately the curling iron never surfaced, and so Linzy bought a new one today.

When she was showing it to me tonight, the warning label immediately caught my eye:

The specificity of the warning is what was surprising. They don't warn you that the iron will get hot and could burn your hand, arm, or even face, or just a general warning about being careful when using it. Instead they only call out the fact that if you were to jab it in your eye it would, in fact, burn your eye.

Even better is the fact that the iron also has a safety tip on it, which would make it really hard to actually burn an eye with. At least it would take a concerted effort:

I have no doubt that someone's uncoordinated actions necessitated the specific warning label, but I still thought it was amusing.

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Anonymous said...

It in fact isn't funny at all! I did burn my eye (the inside of it) with a curling iron, It was the most painful thing I have ever done! I have used a curling iron for 30+ years and have never done anything like this before, but yes it can happen.