Saturday, January 20, 2007

La Tour Eiffel: Finished

Today I spent a bunch of time and finished the puzzle I started last weekend. The puzzle's main part, some trees with pink flowers, was just as frustratingly difficult as I was expecting.

Between the time spent trying to find matching branches (for the trees) and matching cloud wisps (for the sky), the puzzle took me a lot longer to finish then I was expecting before I took a good luck at what I was in for. I'm not exactly sure how long I spent on it, but I would guess between 9-10 hours.

Still it was fun to sit down and work on a puzzle for something different to do. Read on for the last of the pictures.

Where I ended on Wednesday night.

My plans on Thursday night were canceled, so I had time to finish up the sky.

I didn't work on the puzzle at all on Friday, but this morning I started trying to whittle away the tree section.

Notice how I'm still avoiding having to work on the blurry, pink flower section.

Getting closer.

Completed, except for the last piece, which I always let Linzy put in.

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