Monday, January 15, 2007

La Tour Eiffel

This evening I started the Christmas puzzle my Mom bought of Linzy and I. My Mom always buys us a puzzle for Christmas, and this year's is of the Eiffel Tower and some trees.

The puzzle looks like it is going to be fairly difficult, because about 75% is either miscellaneous tree foliage, or clear blue sky. And the small pieces don't help matters.

It took me about an hour to sort through the puzzle pieces, find the edges and assemble them.

Or at least assemble as much as I could.

Then I spent another ~90 minutes working on the 'easy' part of the puzzle. That was slow going because it is such a relatively small portion of the puzzle that it took forever to hunt through and find all the pieces.

Now that the easy stuff is out of the way, I'll have to buckle down and work on the trees, or sky.


Brenden Johnson said...

How are you going to get 5 stars on all the songs on Expert in GH2 if you spend all your time on puzzles? :D

One of these days Allison (who says she likes puzzles) and I are going to *attempt* putting together my one puzzle...the "Super Challenging" Puzz3D Imperial Star Destroyer

Steve Eck said...

I've pretty much given up on even five starring all the songs on Hard, let alone expert. Though I did manage 5-stars on Freebird on Hard over the weekend.

The 3D Star Destroyer would be awesome, although not a lot of variation in the piece coloring :)