Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not Spam

I happened to glance through my spam folder today on a whim and noticed a non-spam e-mail that had gotten mismarked. That was a first in a long time.

But on looking at the e-mail, I'm not really all that surprised it was miscategorized:

Subject: Important Health Claim Information

Dear Stephen Eck,

You are receiving this e-mail notification because new claim
information is available for you to view at http://xxxxxxxxx.

Your claim information is available within the claims area of the
web site.

This e-mail was generated by an automated process. Please do not
reply to it.

If they had thrown in a few misspellings, an image with text in ugly fonts, and closed with a paragraph or two of nonsensical text taken from the Internet I might have mistaken it for spam too. As it was, I had to double check the link to see if it really pointed where I thought it should.

Since I get about hundreds of spam e-mails with 'health information' to every legitimate 'health claim information' e-mail, I suppose they have virtually no chance of making it through the filters.

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