Thursday, January 11, 2007


This evening while mulling over what to post about, I was amused to see the word Chisler (though misspelled) used in a quote in an article on CNN:

In his closing argument Thursday, one of the Broussards' attorneys, William Walker, said State Farm had breached their contract "in a bad way" by denying their claim. State Farm "acted like a chiseler," he said, adding, "The pocketbook is what they listen to."

The article was about some people who won a lawsuit against State Farm for denying their Hurricane Katrina claim. An insurance company trying to weasel out of paying money to people for claims, in-and-of-itself, would hardly be fodder for a blog post but I liked seeing someone work 'chisler' into a regular conversation.

You may or, more likely, may not remember that I posted about chisler way back in 2004. That page still gets a lot of hits from Google, so perhaps the word is experiencing a resurgence.

I'll have to start making a more concerted effort to work it into conversations.

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