Sunday, January 21, 2007

Survival Skills

On Saturday, Linzy took Pippen and left me to fend for myself until the middle of next week. That would explain why I can waste 3 hours straight working on a puzzle, and also why my meals have gotten rather suspect.

Normally I am a relatively satisfactory cook, although with a very small repertoire. Making matters worse yesterday was the fact that a grocery trip was needed, so we were rather low on food. Linzy had specifically left out for me what I needed to make a homemade pizza, so that is what I attempted to make.

The first mistake was calling my parents when I should have been getting dinner prepared, so next thing you know it was already getting late and the pizza hadn't even been started.

The second mistake was trying to roll the pizza dough on a perforated pizza pan. I'm not sure what the excuse there was; that's just stupid. The crust turned out to be really quite difficult to get to roll out in a semblance of a circle. After 15 minutes I gave up and settled for this:

Eventually I got all the toppings prepared (at least I am good at cooking the sausage) and put the pizza in the oven. Only to realize that I hadn't done anything to get a salad together. Whoops. At that point it was a little late to be chopping all the salad supplies up, so I decided to go without.

My pizza came out looking slightly better then I was expecting, but unfortunately it tasted quite a bit worse. Although in my defense, I think that had more to do with the particular brand of crust (which was a new experiment I found out today).

Despite my dislike for the pizza, I'm still planning on eating the leftover-half later this week. Because, given the choice of making a new meal or eating the leftovers of one that was sub-par but edible, I'll battle through the taste.


Bill Roehl said...

Our first foray into homemade pizza was using a Boboli crust. While it came out ok it was not as good as our friends' version that we had eaten a week before.

Basil/Pesto sauce, gorgonzola and mozzerella cheeses, pears, and mushrooms.

Their's was excellent. Ours, eh. :(

Steve Eck said...

We normally get pre-made immitation Boboli crusts for pizza. But apparently this crust was on-sale and so an experiment.

Linzy was crafty enough to not be around for the actual experiment, which turned out to be very lucky for her as the crust was terrible.