Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things That May Interest Only Me

Today was a good day for seeing random things on the Internet that interested me:

First, the inevitable long-slow-slide into cookie-cutter sequels has begun for Guitar Hero, as the original developer is rumored to have been replaced by Neversoft. A company best known for the Tony Hawk games. Which coincidentally or not, started out really good and then...well...I'm not even sure what number sequel they are on now, but I think it is like #8 or something. The only good side of this is that soon, I won't have to whine about how much harder each new Guitar Hero game has gotten.

Second, straight out of left field, I saw that HBO has picked up an option to turn George R.R. Martin's book series into a TV series. One book a season. Which, while a more reasonable pace for covering the dense books, means they would need 7 or more seasons to cover the whole (projected) series. I don't quite understand how they would handle some of the things, because George loves to kill off characters, and lately he spent 5-6 years churning out what ended up to be only half a book. So, would they actually go an entire season with only half the cast and then another season with the other half of the cast? Still, I enjoy the books, so I would definitely have to watch the series if it actually gets made.

Third, Shawn pointed out that an animated movie for Dragons of Autumn Twilight is coming out, which I had no idea was the case. Since the Dragonlance Chronicles are one of, if not, my favorite book trilogy of all time, that would be awesome. But, I must keep my expectations low.

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Shawn said...

Isn't it kind of counter to the post title to mention someone else also being interested in the Dragonlance movie!?!? HAHAHA just kidding, now I'll get Steve's blog traffic woohooo!!! If the movie actually does make it to theaters (which I doubt) we'll have to make plans to see it together.