Sunday, January 07, 2007

World Domination 2007

On Saturday, Dan, Gerard, Wes, Brenden and I got together for our second annual Risk game. It hasn't been quite a year since the last time we all got together for a game, but it has been pretty close.

This years game didn't turn out quite as well for me personally as the previous one, but it was definitely fun to get together with the guys and spend a few hours arguing over strategies and who had the best position.

In the above picture, Dan was foreshadowing his future domination of Asia and path to victory. Read on for more pictures and accounts of the game.

This year we decided to change things up and hand out countries randomly, by dealing out the territory cards. This was the starting position, after we placed the extra reinforcements.

After mine and Brenden's turn. I've taken over South America, while Brenden made his move for North America.

Gerard intently planning his strategy ('Attack!')

After Wes and Dan's turns. Dan has managed to take over all of Asia except for my lone guy in Japan.

After another round of turns. I've started my push into North America, while Brenden tries to hold me off as well as hold Wes off in Europe. Dan took all of Asia, only to have Gerard stymie his collecting armies for it by taking one country back.

Brenden and Wes enjoying the game.

The next round was mostly jockeying for position.

On the subsequent round, I turn in the first set of the game with two bonus armies in a gamble to wipe Brenden out. Unfortunately his forces in Alaska hold me off.

After turning in a set of his own, Brenden takes Alberta back.

Don't wipe Brenden out of the game too quickly, or he'll lose interest.

Now lots of sets have been turned in, and Dan starts taking control of the game.

While I was wiping out Brenden's last remaining troops, we both rolled all sixes.

I own North America, South America as well as Kamchatka. Which should have been a very strong position.

But Dan turned in a set for massive armies, wiped Gerard out, turned in another set, and crushed all who stood in the way of his Australian juggernaut.

It's easy to be all smiles when you own Asia.

Wes turned in a set and rampaged all over the map, with no apparent destination in mind other then to 'wreck havoc'.

Dan's armies wiped me out shortly thereafter and surrounded Wes's last remaining guy in the Eastern US to win the game.


Bill Roehl said...

I just mentioned Risk to Kim the other day. We are going to see my parents in March and I plan on returning home with Risk in hand :)

Brenden Johnson said...

Stupid first turn. Thankfully FF3 is lots of fun! :D

Steve Eck said...

Bill, I like Risk. It's not my favorite strategy game, but it is much more accessible then, say, Axis and Allies and doesn't require as much time investment. So it seems to be easier to round up people to play.

Brenden, always look on the positive side!