Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Appearance of Collusion

I think it is interesting this year, the drastic change in the pricing for tax software. The past two years, I've been able to get Tax Cut, federal e-filing and a copy of Microsoft Money for free or for money back. And that was pretty common even before two years ago.

This year, I've been watching the ads and the deals aren't even remotely close to as good. Both TurboTax and TaxCut apparently simultaneously decided to change the way they market their products and not provide as big of rebates on the initial software, expecting to make it back on the e-filing charges.

I guess maybe people have gotten better at actually jumping through the hoops of filing rebate forms, or maybe all the bad press about the games companies play with rebates made both Intuit and H&R Block decide just to scrap the rebates. But I think it is interesting that they would both change strategies so drastically the same year, and that would also be accompanied by a lack of bundle deals for money-management software.

Or perhaps it is just a few weeks too early and as the tax season moves on the retailers will go back to deep discounting to try and move units.

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