Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Automatic Checks

You know how you can be going through a day and all of the sudden an unexpected, minor thing can totally make your day? One day last week, that happened.

I came home from work and looked through the mail, only to find $345 worth of checks in amongst the junk mail and bills. The checks were from our flex plan company, sending us back money from our healthcare flexible spending account. Now, normally that wouldn't be of any note, except that in this case we hadn't filed any sort of paperwork or receipt copies.

Up until that moment I had totally forgotten about a little miscellaneous checkbox that I had selected during annual enrollment that said "automatically submit uncovered expenses to flex plan". So now my insurance automatically tracks co-pays, prescription payments, etc and magically sends out checks to us once a month.

That's a huge improvement over trying to keep track of receipts, photocopying them, labeling who they were for and the date of service, and mailing them all in to the flex plan. Which, for obvious reasons, would play not-so-amusing tricks like changing their address every year and not forwarding mail, or processing 8 out of 10 receipts and claiming not to have gotten the other two.

The idea makes so much sense, I can totally understand why this is the first time I've seen anything like it. Or not.

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