Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blizzard Here I Come

Tomorrow after work, hopefully I'll be headed back out to Cambridge, MA for a business trip. I say 'hopefully', because the east coast is currently in the midst of a big-time blizzard. Although Boston has moved on to 40 mph windws and freezing drizzle, they also got 12 inches of snow yesterday and today. So I'm guessing the flights into Logan airport will be a bit backed up. In theory I'll be flying out tomorrow and then returning next Wednesday night.

That makes it a pretty long trip, versus a normal trip flying-out Monday and back on Friday. There is a ton of stuff to accomplish on the trip though, so the extra time is justified. Hopefully we can get everything done, although Linzy insisted I pack a few extra of various things, because she is convinced I'll be staying longer then planned.

I just wish we had an office somewhere a little more pleasant to visit in February. Like Florida, or Hawaii.

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Bill Roehl said...

My parents had just under 36" of snow yesterday in NE Pennsylvania.

Good luck.