Monday, February 12, 2007

Button Mashing

One day towards the end of last week, I encountered two new entries for the 'strange elevator behavior' annuals.

The first was on the way back from lunch with a mostly-empty elevator heading up. A guy got on at floor three and pushed no buttons (there were only two pressed) and didn't even appear to glance at the selections. Then he waited until we got up to floor 11 (with a stop in-between), only to loudly exclaim "Why didn't we stop at floor 9?". Umm, because you didn't press the button for it?

That same day, on the way out of the building for the night, a guy got in at the floor below me. He pressed a button for a few floors down. When we stopped there, he pressed a button for a few floors further down. When we got there, he didn't get off. Instead he rode down the rest of the way and got off on the first floor with me.

Apparently bizarre elevator behavior only happens in twos.


wleino said...

I wish I knew why elevators posed such problems for some. It makes for good comedy.

Steve Eck said...

What I've been learning is that apparently running an elevator is a lot harder then I always thought it was. :)