Sunday, February 11, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

On Saturday I spent all day (as in 7:30-5:00) at work, patching basically any computer environment ever setup. Why? Because some genius decided to change the beginning and end of daylight savings time in the US starting in a few weeks.

This meant that any piece of software or hardware that might do any sort of timezone, time or date conversion had to be updated. The main culprit being Java which, likely in its efforts to be cross-platform, does not use the OS to do timezone calculations and so has to be updated. Unfortunately just about every app server known to man includes a JVM and so has to be separately patched. And no vendor can agree on how to represent timezone information, so each has their own unique patching tool (or worse, has no tool and leaves you to fend for yourself).

It was fun. Or not. But at least we got nearly everything patched. Heaven forbid we have systems reporting the wrong times for three weeks until DST time syncs back up.


Bill Roehl said...

I really hope these weren't machines for end-users...

Steve Eck said...

No, they were all servers. And more specifically all application servers, databases, and database clients.

All the end-user computers get patched automatically.