Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dead to Me

A couple weeks back Linzy bought me a few new dress shirts. After trying them on, it turned out two of them didn't fit as well as the third so I only kept that one and returned the others. Several days later, after the shirt went through its inaugural washing it came out horribly wrinkled.

Not wrinkled in a "looks like it was shoved in the bottom of a bag for a week", but rather it looked all wavy. Being optimistic, I thought it might be because it had only been washed once and would get better over time. So I spent a long, long while ironing it into respectability and wore it.

Today I washed the shirt again and it came out looking just as ridiculous as last time. Unfortunately for the shirt, I'm not willing to have to spend 30 minutes ironing it every time it is washed. So, the shirt went into the closet likely never to be worn again.

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