Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I was walking through the downtown Macy's today after lunch with Paul, and I saw a former co-worker checking out the bargain racks in the middle of the walkway. I stopped to say hi, and see how he was doing.

The awkward thing about the conversation happened when I assumed he had left my former company. You see, I knew he was one of the people fingered to be laid off later this spring, and he was downtown in the middle of the day, dressed up in business casual. Plus, he had what looked like an employee badge on his belt with his picture on it.

Based on that, I asked where he was working now. He replied that it was still the same company, and after I stumbled through a few follow-up questions he clarified that he wasn't being laid off until April 20th. Meanwhile, he attempted to stealthily remove his badge from his belt and put it in his pocket.

The really strange thing is, at least at the time I left, he worked a rotating second and third shift job with 100% telecommuting. So assuming he was still working that schedule, he wouldn't even have been double-dipping by having another job during the day. It would just have been a second job.

Thus he didn't really have any reason to hide anything from me. In fact, he could have just told me he had left and was working somewhere else, even if he hadn't and I wouldn't have batted an eye. Instead, trying to cover it up it only drew my suspicion.

The trouble is, I'll likely never know what the heck was going on since I have no one to ask without getting him in trouble if he is doing something untoward.

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