Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Felicia and Mike's Birthday Party

On Saturday night Linzy and I braved the snow storm to venture over to Gerard's apartment for a birthday party for Felicia and Mike. The turnout was fairly light due to the fact that the roads were not particularly conducive to traveling more then half-a-dozen miles. Still, it was a good time hanging out with everyone and catching up.

Gerard went all out and had a spread of food so large you would have thought Linzy helped plan it, including a homemade birthday cake. The cake was easily the densest, fudgiest chocolate cake I've ever had. I certainly like cake, but even I couldn't finish the slab I cut for myself.

Read on for some pictures.

If you're the birthday boy you're allowed to drink straight from the bottle. Or so I am told.

Me and Felicia.

Gerard perhaps thinking about starting a fight.

Linzy adjusting her cards just-so, while the discard pile wonders why cards are facing two different directions.

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