Thursday, February 01, 2007

Laptop Advertising

Today amongst the rest of the junk mail we got a 20-page flyer for one of the big computer manufacturers. It was mainly flaunting their many varieties of computers as well as the new Windows Vista options on those computers (explaining, I imagine, why it said on the front 'do not deliver before 2/1').

Anyway, what I thought was interesting about the flyer was the way they positioned their products. Specifically, about 2/3 of the flyer was devoted to laptops all of which were either shown being used by women (sometimes along with their young children) or soft, friendly pictures of women on the screens. All of the desktops on the other hand had either pictures of men on the screen, or just fake online-shopping-esque webpages displayed.

That sort of stark gender split seemed strange.

Certainly I know lots of men with laptops, and lots of women who happily use a desktop computer. On the other hand, we have a similar difference of opinion in my house over laptops. Linzy thinks they are awesome, while I view them as unreliable and overpriced.

So maybe there is something to the marketing after all.


Bill Roehl said...

I have moved almost completely away from using our desktop machines and pretty much just use the laptops that reside in our living room.

It's a hassle for me to go upstairs -- away from Kim -- and use the computer when I could just as easily sit w/her down there and passively watch TV while I surf the web.

They are overpriced for sure, but fairly stable. Hell, my Dell LM-133 from 1996 is still running today! I just wish the freebie laptop I picked up this summer from a buddy had better battery life (about 6 minutes). I guess I should bite the bullet and replace it ;)

Steve Eck said...

I should have been more specific, I don't think laptops are particularly unstable (i.e. in terms of software problems), but I do think their hardware is significantly more prone to failure.

Your Dell is apparently the exception. :)