Sunday, February 25, 2007

Similar To...

Last week when I was exercising my inner culinary adventurer by eating at an Afghanistan restaurant in Cambridge, we were discussing what sort of food to expect. None of the people from my office had ever been to an Afghanistan restaurant before, so we weren't exactly sure what we would be in for. The prevailing theory was perhaps something like Indian food, which everyone was familiar with.

Shortly thereafter, the last member of our dinner party arrived who was local to the area and had eaten at the restaurant before. So while we were waiting for menus, one of my co-workers had this conversation with him:

Co-worker 1: So, you've been here before, right?
Co-worker 2: Yep
Co-worker 1: So, what sort of food is Afghanistan cuisine like?
Co-worker 2: Hmm. Well, it is fairly unique. But I guess I would say that it is most similar to Persian.

Which, of course was absolutely no help, since none of us had any idea what Persian food would be like. After a little bit more prodding, and with no more mainstream comparison forthcoming, we just sort of let the topic drop.


McBrideFarm said...

So...what was it like, in culinary layman terms?

Brenden said...

Yeah! Your post is really leaving us hanging.

Steve Eck said...

I'm not sure what other type of cuisine to compare it to. But it was definitely spicy.

Not in a melt-your-mouth way, but more like "Hey, here's 7 different spices, I wonder what this fish would taste like if we basted it in all of them at once".

To my simplistic views, the spices tasted similar to what you would expect with Indian food. With more emphasis on barbecued meats with rice.