Thursday, March 01, 2007


We're in the midst of a fairly messy snowstorm here in the fine state of Minnesota. It was supposed to have started yesterday at noon, but instead held off until this morning. Things looked OK in the early morning, but then got steadily worse as the day progressed.

Rather then spend several hours trapped on, or waiting for a bus to take me to and from work I decided to just work from home today. Being home also let me witness an amusing sequence of conversations between Linzy and the doctor's office.

You see, Linzy had an appointment today at 2:30. We were laughing yesterday when we heard the weather report about what the chances were that the appointment would actually take place.

Mid-morning, Linzy called the office to make sure the Doctor actually made it in and had this conversation with the receptionist:

Linzy: Yeah, I have a 2:30 appointment, I was wondering if he made it in today?
Lady: Well, no but he doesn't normally come until 1:15pm
Linzy: Oh. Well, do you know if he is still coming in today? The weather is kind of bad, you know...
Lady: Oh. He always makes it in.

Now, you have to read that last sentence with a significant scoff. As in, "You're an idiot, why would you even ask that?". Linzy responded "Oh, OK. By the way, have you looked outside lately?". To which the lady responded, of course, "No".

Flash-forward to 1:45, and the phone rings. Who is it? Oh, the doctor's office. Why are they calling? Oh, because not only did the guy not make it in, but they are closing the entire office because of the storm.

I guess someone actually looked out the window.


Kelli Olson said...

At least you hadn't left for the appointment already, that would have really ticked me off. My doctor's office did that to me yesterday for my appointment. Our problem is 6-7 inches of light snow and 40-50 mph winds...."blizzard" conditions they call it. Oh well, at least my doctor got to get home safe...who care if I might have a broken ankle! Her getting home safe was so much more important. Do I sound bitter? :-)

Steve Eck said...

> Do I sound bitter?

Yes. :)