Saturday, February 23, 2008

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TV: 24: Day 6 - I'm through episode 17 now. I've been pleasantly surprised with the last few episodes, in terms of still being exciting. There have definitely been a few that were duds, but for the most part this season has been pretty interesting. I ended today with the Big Twist, so I am anxious to see how that plays out over the final 6 episodes.

Books: Elantris and The Sword and the Satchel - Normally I only read a single book at a time, but since Elantris is a particularly bulky hardcover I brought a different book with on the trip to Chicago. Since we returned I haven't touched it.

Elantris has been somewhat disappointing. After really enjoying the two Mistborn books, I had high expectations. Which is always a recipe for disappointment. The book is much more political (in terms of most of the 'action' being political wrangling between characters in the book). That's interesting in small doses, but not my favorite. Also the pacing of the book seems much slower then Mistborn, which has made it seem to drag at times. I'm still looking forward to finishing the book to see how the story wraps up, but it is slow going.

Movies: Disney Princess Enchanted Tales and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - We bought Disney Princess Enchanted Tales for my little cousin. It is all about perseverance, and that is exactly what it takes to sit through the movie, for an adult. My cousin loved it.

I'm not a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies (which surprises just about everyone), and Order of the Phoenix didn't do anything to change my opinions. I found it a bit dull until, as usual, the last 20 minutes or so. The special effects at the very end were super cool, and there was actually action. Up until that point, almost nothing happened. There seemed to be very little in terms of overall plot advancement until the bitter end, and even then only one main thing happened. I'm sure I will watch the last two movies, but I won't be in any more of a rush then I was for this one.

Video Games (Portable): Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - I finished the game this week, after spending hours and hours of gameplay time trying to beat a few of the optional and extremely difficult side missions. In the end, I skipped two of them and just went ahead and finished the game. The ease of which made those side missions seem ludicrous. I actually spent the last few days this week replaying some side missions because I am out of DS games to play and I didn't have time to hit the store this week. I'll probably pick up something new on Sunday.

Video Games (Home): Rock Band - I only played this twice in the past couple weeks, but that was enough to unlock the Endless Setlist. I also ordered a memory unit from Amazon, so now it will just be a matter of arranging a time for Brenden to come over to help me finish the Endless Setlist. This week I also spent the last of my Microsoft points to buy two more songs for the game (Working Man and Sex Type Thing), both of which are pretty fun.

Oh, I played Super Mario Galaxy a bit the other day and got a few more stars. The game is fun, but there is just something about the Wii controls that detracts from my ability to relax on the couch while playing.

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