Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dad's Birthday 2008

On Sunday Linzy and I went over to my parent's house to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We spent the afternoon talking about recent events, watching Dad open his presents, and being amused while Pippen reached new heights of laziness (laying on her side while eating kibble that had been spread on the floor).

Dad got a brand-new Nike Sumo 2 driver for golfing from my Mom. The Sumo 2 has been on his wish-list since last year when he tried someone else's for a single long straight drive. Coincidentally Linzy and I got him a new book and a gift certificate to a place that has those golf simulators where you can play a famous course with real clubs and balls indoors. It was a golf-filled birthday.

Mom made spaghetti for dinner, and then we had a tasty cake for dessert. It was a good time.

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