Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On Sunday we had my parents and Paul, Laura, and Evan over for Easter dinner.

In the morning we went to my parent's church, where I randomly ran into my former boss's boss (the same one I ran into back in December). After church, Linzy and I had brunch at home and then worked on cleaning up the house and getting ready for guests.

We had fun catching up with everyone, watching Evan entertain himself with the plastic eggs that were used in decorative baskets down in the living room, and enjoying a tasty meal that Linzy put together. There was even apple pie from Linzy and homemade lemon muffins from Laura for dessert.

It was a fun time.


Brenden said...

Was it the boss of the boss that never got back to me? (not that I'm bitter)

I was going to go to church with Allison's family...but I woke up with a 102 degree fever and decided to stay in bed. Hooray for being sick while on vacation.

Steve Eck said...

That was actually just my Boss who never got back to you. But regardless, no, this was a Boss of a Boss from a job after that one.

Being sick on vacation is the worst.