Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Sorry, We've Moved

On Friday night, Linzy, Allison and I went to eat at Safari, a restaurant in Loring park near downtown. None of us had been there before, but the place had been recommended by a co-worker so we gave it a try.

Safari specializes in east African food. That was new for everyone, but we all found dishes that we liked. I had the Burketti, which was thin sliced beef sauteed in oil and spices, over basmatti rice. The meal was very flavorful, and tasty.

Anyways, it just so happened that we had a coupon for Safari for buy one get one free entree. The prices were actually extremely reasonable, but since we had the coupon we used it.

After a short delay our waiter came back over to say that he was sorry but they no longer accepted that coupon. He explained that they had moved "three doors down" and so the coupon was no longer valid. He also mentioned that they had a sign up near the entrance explaining that the coupons were no longer valid.

The meal was pretty inexpensive for downtown ($8-10 entrees) so we didn't argue or anything and just paid our bill and left. On the way out, I confirmed that they did indeed have a little sign taped to a corner window saying that the coupon was no longer accepted (though it neglected to mention the whole 'moving' thing).

I did notice that the address of the restaurant has changed relative to the coupon, from 1410 to 1424 Nicollet Ave. But the coupon came out of an '08 coupon book, so I am not exactly sure how it could have already been out of date. Their restaurant certainly looks like it has been in place for a while (and this article from July of last year seems to indicate they've been there at least 9 months).

And even if you did move, assuming the same management is in place why would you renege on the coupon? We all enjoyed Safari, so I would certainly consider going back, but it was just strange.

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