Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leather Pants

I was waiting at a long stoplight on the way home from the bus station tonight and my mind was wandering. For some reason I started considering the dilemma of Rock Stars and Leather Pants.

That is, when exactly does a guy in a band decide that what he Really Needs is leather pants? Clearly this does not happen immediately. If you go to a random club and see an discovered local band, typically they are dressed just like everyone else. Jeans, t-shirts, perhaps some sort of dress shirt, it depends on what their 'look' is. But rarely do you see a guy sporting leather pants.

So, after what kind of concert does that guy wake up and go "You know what would help this band take off....Leather Pants"? At that point, of course the pants are just for performances.

But then, eventually you reach the next stage: the point at which you start wearing leather pants as a normal outfit. When does that happen? The first time you party so hard the night before that when you wake up at 2pm in a haze you figure "I'll just leave the pants on for the show tonight"? When you are on tour and your luggage gets lost, and the leather pants are the only thing that make it?

Important questions, clearly. And ones I will probably never know the answers to.

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