Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dealer Plates

This evening Linzy and I were walking Pippen through the neighborhood. At one point we passed a shiny Ford Mustang that was fresh from a dealer, complete with dealer plates. For some reason at that point we were talking about repeat DUI offenders and I blurted out "What kind of plates can turn into whiskey plates? Could you end up with whiskey dealer plates?"

For some reason that seemed amusing. The thing is I'm honestly not exactly sure how whiskey plates work. In theory they are supposed to go on the primary vehicle of a repeat offender. So, if you primary vehicle is a dealer-plated car would you end up with whiskey dealer plates? What if it was a government plate (assume for a minute that you would actually get charged twice).

I suppose you would end up with normal whiskey plates, but it would be sort of amusing to see government or dealer whiskey plates.

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