Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For Sale

I've been amusing myself this spring keeping an eye on all of the houses nearby that are going on the market for sale. On my street directly there are four houses for sale, within a couple blocks. If you include nearby streets the number jumps significantly. Clearly many people were sitting around this winter waiting for the starting gun to go off for the spring house selling season.

I'm just wondering whether there actually will be a spring selling season, because none of the houses appear to be getting much traffic despite being priced significantly below what homes were listing as recently as last summer. It should be interesting to see how long the houses sit on the market and what they end up selling for.

Now does not seem like the time to be trying to sell your house, if at possible.

[ Incidentally, while looking up prices for these houses I'm floored at just how horrendous big-company realty sites still are. Back when we bought our house in 2001, that was sort of to be expected, but in 2008? Why can't I have a Google maps interface and drag over an area with push pins for all of the houses that are for sale. Then I could hover over them, see some basic details and click on them for more details. Combine it with Google Earth pictures or something for bonus points. Using a map to pick an area and then being forced to a completely different page sorted by price with no overlaid map of where the house is just seems silly these days. ]

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