Sunday, April 27, 2008


For the 7-8 months, Linzy and I have been trying really hard to take advantage of the library to reduce the number of books we have cluttering up the house. The Dakota County library has a nice queue system, ala Netflix, that allows you to keep track of which books you want and wait for ones that aren't available yet.

Anyways, as I will be taking a trip for work this week, Linzy ordered up the next book in the Malazan series for me to hopefully bring with. Unfortunately when it came it highlighted one of the issues with the library's queue system: You never quite know what format book you are going to get.

It might be a paperback, hardcover, large paperback, large print edition, who knows. In this case, the book turned out to be in super-jumbo hardcover edition. It weighs in at a strangely thick 750 pages. And thus is totally impractical for me to lug along on my trip.

Which turned out to be OK considering I haven't quite finished the previous book yet, but at the time it originally came I was thinking I would be ready for it in time and had visions of trying to cram it into my laptop bag.

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