Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Camera

Today Linzy and I spent a while visiting local stores checking out digital cameras and finally broke down and bought one. We decided to go middle-of-the-road for a point-and-shoot with size and speed of operation and manufacturer (non-Sony) being the principle decision factors, with the thinking that in a few months (before our summer vacation) I'll get a dSLR to complement it. Anyways we ended up with the Canon SD1100 IS.

The camera is a slight technical improvement over our old camera, going to 8.0 mp from 7.2 and sporting optical image stabilization and face detection. It is definitely not as fancy as the DSC-W200 we owned for a week last fall, but costs significantly less. The new camera is also even smaller then our already small DSC-P200, which should make it handy for carrying around in a pocket.

The pictures I've taken so far seem fine, thought perhaps not as vivid as Sony's cameras tend to be. There are many schools of thought on that, of course, and a Canon advocate would argue their pictures are more true-to-life and the Sony reds are over saturated. A Sony advocate would probably say the Canon's pictures are dull.

One nice thing, at least relative to Sony cameras, is the use of straight-up SD cards for a memory card which are dirt cheap. We bought a 4GB card for $28 off the shelf at Best Buy, and I assume I could have paid 2/3rds or less then that if I had ordered it from some Internet retailer.

It will take a bit to get used to the Canon controls. At this point I haven't figured out the best way to force the ISO speed to the lowest setting and still leave most everything else on Auto, nor how to get it to remember the last flash setting on Auto mode. I'm also missing having a simple 'review' button to see the picture that was just taken. Having to switch into Playback mode just to glance at the last picture again seems awkward.

Regardless, I happy with the camera and Linzy is thrilled about its shiny blue coloring and tiny size. So I think we'll get along just fine.


Bill Roehl said...

I like my non-SLR SD700 IS (at the time, the best option was the 800 which dpreview said wasn't worth it).

Looks like it takes some nice pics. Enjoy it.

Moe said...

We love our Nikon D40 DSLR if you ever want to try it out. Depending on your needs, it's a great camera for the price.

CONS: not all lenses will auto focus. this is a huge con if you plan on buying a bunch of lenses.

PROS: lightweight, price, picture quality and speed compared to non DSLRs

Steve Eck said...

Bill, Hopefully it will work out well. It seems like a pretty good deal for $250.

Moe, the D40 is a pretty popular dSLR for a reason, it is a nice camera. The lack of the camera drive motor seems like a drawback though, at least in terms of lens flexibility. The smaller size would be nice though.