Friday, April 11, 2008

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TV: 30 Rock Season 1 - The entertainment center was replaced last weekend and due to lack of proper length cords is in disarray. So I couldn't watch the last few episodes of Nip/Tuck. Instead I watched about 6 or seven episodes of 30 Rock: Season 1 while exercising. That show amuses me, at least partially because several characters are basically playing themselves. I love the interactions of Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan.

Books: Deadhouse Gates - The second book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. It has been interesting so far, although it starts with almost completely new characters relative to the previous book. Apparently the series is written as pairs with each book focusing on a particular set of characters/area of the world. Then the series continues with sequels to each of those books (i.e. book three is more-or-less a sequel to book one, book four is a sequel to book two). I'm enjoying the books and definitely planning on continuing through the series even once the library runs out of books (they only carry books 1-3).

Movies: American Gangster and King of Kong - American Gangster was OK. It was interesting in its portrayal of a non-Italian gangster, but it was also a bit slow moving and somewhat predictable. Overall very average.

King of Kong on the other hand was very good, I thought. It is a documentary on a guy who gets laid off and decided to try to capture the high score on the Donkey Kong arcade game. The previous high score was set back in the early eighties by Billy Mitchell, who is actually pretty famous for all of his high scores and his perfect Pac-Man game, and also (conveniently) happens to be a bit ecentric. That, plus the ridiculous lengths the video game referee organization makes the challenger go through made for an interesting movie. At least to me, but perhaps I am a bit biased.

Video Games (Portable): Advance Wars: Dual Strike - I'm on mission 15 or 16 on the Hard campaign, and starting to get a little bored with the game. I almost bought a new game when I was ordering things from Amazon the other day, but in the end I decided to be cheap and wait until I was even more tired of Dual Strike. That will be soon, I imagine. Likely by the end of the month when I have a trip coming up.

Video Games (Home): Rock Band - Brenden came over on Saturday night and we played 20-30 or so songs with him on Hard drums and me on Expert guitar. It wasn't a cakewalk, but we did pretty good and I even badgered Brenden into playing Expert drums for one multi-song set (which we passed, barely). It was fun, and a different vibe then when we are breezing through songs on Expert guitar/Expert Bass.

Music: Strangely enough, lots of Iron Maiden. The Killers album is astonishingly good considering it was released in 1981 and made mostly of songs that were rejected for the debut album. Their style sounds a bit dated now, but only because it has been copied by a million bands since.

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Brenden said...

I was appreciative of being able to play drums instead of expert bass. The fans and stars would have come a lot easier, but it was fun to try out some songs I can't normally pass.

I had tons of fun but my shoulders were sore that night.