Thursday, May 29, 2008


When I was a kid, one of Sarah and my favorite movies was Scavenger Hunt. We thought it was hilarious. I've tried to watch it since, and it really was not a good movie. But to two young kids it was great. There was physical humor, silly characters, and ridiculous situations, what was not to like?

Anyways, the basic premise of the movie is that a rich game maker dies and in his will, instead of leaving his fortune to his family or splitting it evenly he decides to make it all hinge on a game of scavenger hunt. His family, servants and others all get in on the act, form teams, and hilarity ensues. At least to two 10-12 year olds.

At one point towards the end of the movie, one of the characters (a sleazy lawyer) is running around trying to get items from other teams disqualified by claiming they are duplicates of previous items. He follows the scorer around screaming "Duplication. That's duplication right there. You can't count that, Duplication. Duplication!".

Well Linzy and I finally now have duplication of our data at home, as last week (strangely, just a day before we had this debacle at work) I went over to Best Buy and picked up a terabyte external drive. I've been sticking my fingers in my ear and yelling "nah nah nah" over the risk we were at on the home computer with all our hard drive space filled with pictures, music and videos that were not really stored anywhere else. Finally the terabyte drives fell to the magical $200 mark and I picked one up (plus 10% off for good measure).

At this point I've only done one backup, and the drive is just sitting on my desk ready and waiting for disaster to strike so it can be called into action. That is, some sort of extremely localized disaster that involves massive data loss to the computer but spares the backup drive sitting three feet away.

Some day perhaps we'll move to keeping the drive off-site, but for now at least we have a backup copy of everything. Duplication!

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McBrideFarm said...

Ah, that movie. It really is terrible. I remember forcing Britt to watch it in high school, thinking it would be really wasn't.

And yet, I can still remember the whole thing.