Thursday, May 08, 2008

Finger Drums

I was riding home on the bus today in the middle of the back seat and the guy next to me was listening to music on his headphones pretty loudly. Loud enough that I could listen along.

Anyways, at one point what sounded like a catchy song came on and the guy was really enjoying it. He started tapping his feet, and kind of bobbing along to the music, eventually getting into full leg motions. Then, he started with the finger drums.

He had his hands formed like a little kid would make a gun, and was pretending that his out stretched index fingers were drum sticks as he drummed along to the music. I'm glad he was enjoying his music but it was pretty funny if for no other reason then because Linzy and I have a running joke about using double finger-guns to drum along with CSI theme songs. I'd never seen anyone pull them out in public prior to today.

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