Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forty Hours in the Northland

This weekend Linzy and I were in Duluth for her family's May Birthday party. This year Linzy went up on Thursday to celebrate Heather's birthday, and then I came up Friday after work. Coupled with an early Sunday departure, I was only actually in Duluth for roughly 40 hours.

Unfortunately several of those hours were spent working, since we had an unexpected thing happen at work that ate up several hours of my Saturday morning. I did get to drink an excessive amount of really terrible Perkins coffee, however, while I was taking advantage of the much better downtown Duluth Sprint coverage. I was highly disappointed the new Dunn Brother's coffee shop across the street didn't open until 7am on the weekends.

Still we had a good time and got to spend some time hanging out with Linzy's parents, grandparents and brother along with the rest of their relatives. Many gifts were exchanged, as we were covering several birthdays, Mother's day, and since we won't be back up in Duluth in June, Father's day and my birthday.

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