Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I've pretty much covered what Linzy and I were up to this weekend already. On Friday evening we went to the Minnesota Orchestra. Saturday I spent doing chores around the house, like painting the new flower box holder out front, mowing the lawn, helping Linzy with the planting, etc. Sunday I got in a bike ride (the first one of the season, amazingly enough) and then we went to see Indiana Jones.

By Monday we didn't have any specific plans, and ended up spending the afternoon taking a long walk through Alimagnet Park over in Burnsville (pictures here). We originally went to the dog park but got bored with that and decided to spend some time walking on the trails back through the woods.

The weather was perhaps not quite as nice as we might have liked, but it was still pleasant enough for our purposes. We explored a few of the trails, wandered around the lake a bit, checked out an entrance to the park that I didn't even know existed (where the Frisbee golf course starts), and eventually made mile hike back to the car.

Then in the evening Brenden and Allison came over for a nice dinner and some games. We tried out Ticket to Ride, which was a huge hit with everyone. Linzy in particular really liked the game, which I guess is precisely why it is known as a gateway strategy game. The game was really close until the very end, when I completed a single track train all the way from Sault St. Marie to Calgary via Montreal/New York/Texas/Los Angeles/Seattle completing a fistful of huge point destination tickets plus bonus points for the longest train.

Anyways, it was fun to see Brenden and Allison and try out one of their (many) new strategy games. We've been trying to arrange that for several weekends, but our schedules kept not working out.

All in all it was an enjoyable long weekend.

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Scooter said...

Supposedly the Ticket to Ride Europe version is a bit better. If you're looking for gateway games, Tikal is pretty good as well - we've been playing quite a bit of that.