Saturday, May 31, 2008

New June - Same as the old June

Last year the end of May marked the beginning of frequent travel for work, which continued over the course of the summer and into fall. Lately I haven't been traveling too much, just a trip in January and April. That is about to change.

This coming week I'll be traveling to Austin, TX Monday afternoon-Thursday night, then coming back for three days, only to turn around and fly to Las Vegas for the next week. After that, I'll be staying in Arizona for a week before coming back home.

That means, for the next three weeks I'll be at home for exactly 3 days. The only good thing is that the third week is a week of vacation, and Linzy and I will be meeting up in Las Vegas before heading out to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Scotsdale.

I'm excited to see the Grand Canyon and all the other things we have lined up (including tickets to 'O' in row H). Plus it will be nice to have a week off from work. However, I'm not particularly looking forward to being away from home for three straight weeks.

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