Friday, May 16, 2008

Recent Media - 5/15

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TV: The Wire: Season 1 - Linzy and I finally finished watching the first season of the Wire and it was highly entertaining. There were some rough patches in a few episodes where things seemed to drag, but the last four or so episodes were top-notch. I've already ordered up the first disc of Season 2 from Netflix, to see how the series continues. Hopefully next season features more Omar!

Books: Memories of Ice - I've been enjoying this book immensely. It is exactly what I look for in an epic fantasy book, lots of interesting characters, a detailed world, mysteries and ulterior motives and fast paced. I'm less then halfway through the book but it is shaping up well.

Movies: None - I'd still like to try and see Iron Man while it is in the theaters, but it is not looking likely as if it comes down to that versus Indiana Jones, Robert Downey Jr. is not getting my money.

Video Games (Portable): Final Fantasy V Advance - I'm a little more then halfway through the second of three worlds, and my characters are approaching level 30 so I think I am making progress through the game. It is a fun game, but despite my normal snails pace that I play RPGs at, I still think I am doing less training of my characters then they are intending.

Video Games (Home): Mario Kart Wii & Sonic/Mario Olympics - Gerard brought both these games over for Linzy's party and I tried them both. The Wii continues to be a fantastic system for when you have people over, and just another thing to collect dust when you don't. Mario Kart Wii was good, except I am extremely tired of their penchant for including 50% rehash tracks in every game since Mario Kart DS. Come up with some new fricking tracks already. The Wii Wheel was much more natural then I was expecting, though I am pretty sure a Gamecube controller would have cleaned up.

Sonic/Mario Olympics was interesting, though only in a late-night party sense. Some of the events were fun, others were just annoyingly long (I'm looking at you eight-station skeet shooting). The fact that Gerard set no fewer then three world records (and broke his own record in the same match at least once) probably indicates the playing field was was not exactly level.


Robin said...

Steve - we have The Wire - Season 2 (and 3 and 4). You're welcome to borrow it. Unfortunately, season 2 is not quite as good but season 3 and 4 are excellent.


Steve Eck said...

Robin, Thanks for the offer. We have Disc 1 of Season 2 coming in the mail tomorrow. But if I have trouble getting Netflix copies, I'll definitely be asking to borrow your copies.