Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Remember the Camera

A few weeks ago Dan and Nikki had their first child together, a little girl named Megan Jane. The baby came in a hurry the middle of the night, and in the rush to get out of the house they apparently managed to forget the camera. So part way to the hospital they turned around and drove back to the house, got the camera and resumed their journey. Luckily they made it to the hospital in time, but it was close.

Tonight our friends Paul and Laura are having their second child. Linzy and I agreed to be on-call for coming over to watch Evan and their dog while they were at the hospital. Last night Linzy had a dream they were calling in the middle of the night to tell us to come over and she was halfway dressed before realizing it was just a dream. Tonight at 8pm we got the call for real, and went over to hold down the fort.

Paul and Laura were pretty organized, with a couple bags already packed, instructions for us prepared. After sending a few quick e-mails and transferring some car seats they went off to the hospital. About 30 minutes later I got a call from Paul saying that they had forgotten the camera (along with a pillow and some chapstick).

So I drove those items over to the hospital and hopefully everything is going well now. But, I thought as a public service to any other friends having a baby in the near future (and there are at least two of you): Remember the Camera!

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