Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday, it was mid-afternoon when we got home from Duluth. The weather outside was pretty nice, at least compared to the colder temps up north. After unpacking and putting everything away, we had a few hours before dinner.

What I really wanted to do was squeeze in my first bike ride of the year. Instead I decided to be responsible and work on putting primer on my new cedar board on the front of the house, in preparation for painting them next weekend. By the time I finished scraping the old board, climbing up and down the ladder, and putting two coats of primer on the two boards it was getting late. Or at least too late to get in a bike ride, since we hadn't even had dinner yet.

But then, after looking at our meal choices, Linzy and I decided just to forget dinner and go to the 7:25pm Iron Man show instead. Popcorn is a dinner, right?

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