Thursday, May 15, 2008

Twins Game

This afternoon my group at work had our quarterly outing: we went to the Twins game. It was one of those tough days to go into the Metrodome, since it was 72 and beautiful outside. Alas, there are 138 more home games to go before the new stadium opens.

We sat out in the 'home run porch', the lower level behind left field. I've never sat out there, so it was a new experience. Basically, it was like sitting in the end zone at a Vikings game, except that instead of half of the action taking place on your end of the field virtually none of the action takes place there.

There were a few balls hit into left field, and so you could see those really well, but the rest of the game felt extraordinarily far away. Not like upper deck general admission, but not like sitting even in the upper deck on one of the base lines, let alone behind home plate.

The game went into extra innings, but the Twins lost. The frustrating part was watching Twins players get thrown out twice at home plate to end an inning trying to overly aggressive on the base running.

The first time no one was sure whether the runner was waved home or not, the second time it was clear that Kubel was being told to hold up at third. The next time he got on base they pinch ran for him. Guess Gardenhire thought his lack of any semblance of sensible base running it was ridiculous as well.

Still it was fun to spend the afternoon hanging out with my co-workers doing something other then the usual work. I came back to a pile of e-mails, but it was well worth it.

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