Saturday, June 07, 2008

Austin Trip

I made it back from Austin, TX on Thursday night. The trip was a definite success from a work aspect, even if it was ridiculously busy.

The flights down and back sucked immensely. They were direct, but on a Mesabe regional jet that had hands-down the most uncomfortable seats ever. On top of that, our flight coming home was delayed for about an hour prior to take-off and then spent an extra hour flying around western Minnesota waiting for the thunderstorms to clear out of the airport. Still I made it back safely, so I guess that is something.

In addition to normal work stuff, we went and ate barbeque one night, and met up with co-workers the other two nights. The Austin team is very hospitable. Instead of just advising us to go check something out, they always insisted on coming with.

The first night we ate dinner with a co-worker at B.B. Rovers, where they served Nachos topped with Beef Brisket. That was unique and very tasty. Then we met another co-worker on the other side of town. The second night a bigger group of us went out to various bars on sixth street until far, far too late considering we had to work the next day.

All in all it was a very productive trip, but I was glad to get home. Even if it is only three days before I leave again.

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