Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dive Bar

When I was in Austin last week, on Wednesday night the plan had been to go to the Hills Cafe for dinner and a free Corey Morrow concert. Unfortunately we were way late leaving the office, so by the time we got there the place was packed.

The streams of people walking down the street while we were still blocks away was the first sign. When we got close to the cafe, we talked with the lady running the parking lot and found out that it was indeed completely full. She said "The safest place to park around here is probably the Pawn Shop lot". That makes you feel safe, huh?

Anyways, we decided to skip the concert and instead went down to sixth street and had dinner at the Casino El Camino. It was recommended by a co-worker as serving the best burgers he had ever had, while also being the darkest bar he had ever been in. It lived up to both aspects.

The bar was indeed ridiculously dark. The only source of light, other then 30 watt red lamps placed sporadically around was one grimy window over the door. But the burgers were unbelievably good. Another co-worker from Minneapolis and I split a 3/4 pound Amarillo burger which was far spicier then anything you would ever get in Minnesota, but oh so tasty.

The bar looks like it was decorated by a combination of Coop and Rob Zombie, while still retaining that dive bar feel. Although they do bow to the beer-snob by having a double-door fridge filled with bottles of higher-end beer. A true dive bar serves pitchers of Old Style (I'm looking at you Anchor Bar in Superior).

It was still an interesting place to go to, and the burgers were well worth the 25 minute wait.

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