Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Flaming dr pepper


Bill Roehl said...

The bar closest to our apartment in college did this and made a big deal out of those they did on 21st birthdays and those that had never had one before. They kept a tally on a chalkboard behind the bar for the entire year. They would do over 1500 of each.

The bartender would come out with this crazy hat on, a huge conch shell that he would use to call everyone's attention to the bar, and then he would dip his fingers in the burning 151 and talk.

I loved the Flaming DP show and taste. Mmmm, too bad they can't do them in Apple Valley (elsewhere in MN too?) because of the open flame ordinance.

Allison said...

Were you at Touche? They were banned from doing that for a while. Surprisingly, the fire department didn't like it too much. I am glad to see they have started back up again.

More importantly, did you have one? They are one of my favorite shots. Mmmmm, so tasty.

Steve Eck said...

I had never seen this before, so I was caught off-guard. I was expecting him to just light the tops of the shots directly, not use a massive fireball to light them, the bar, his fingers, etc on fire.

Allison, We were indeed at Touche (just for this drink). I'm amused that you were able to guess that from a blurry mobile phone-posted picture and a post title. :)