Thursday, June 26, 2008


My house happens to have a large deck. Technically it is so large that if you are a county tax assessor you would charge me for two large decks. It wraps around the side of the house which is nice because one side or the other is usually non-windy and not in the direct sun, making it pleasant to sit on. So I like the deck a lot. Except every other year when I have to stain it.

I've power washed and stained it three times since we moved in. Once by myself, once with Linzy's assistance and once with Shawn's assistance. In no case was it fun, enjoyable, or even remotely satisfying to complete.

I hated every minute of it. In fact, power washing the deck in preparation for staining contributed to making my 25th birthday one of the worst ever (I was very bitter about having the day off work and instead of having fun, power washing the deck in the rain).

Anyways this year, with my June travel schedule and my lack of interest in doing anything related to staining the deck I decided to give in to my inner lazy impulses. I (mostly Linzy) hired a company to stain the deck for me.

It went against every 'I can just do it myself' cheap feeling in my body, but man was it nice. I came home one day and they had carried everything off the deck and power washed it. Then a couple days later I came home and the whole thing was stained.

They even did a better job then I was expecting. It still bugs me that I paid someone to do something I am perfectly capable of doing myself, but I was pretty happy to have it done and not hanging over my head all summer as something I need to do.


McBrideFarm said...

If you thought of what you would pay yourself to do the same job, it probably turns out to be not that much more expensive anyway. :) Plus, you don't have to torture yourself. I say good job on hiring someone!

Shawn said...

As both an anti do-it-yourselfer and someone who has helped stain your deck, I too say good job. I mean, unless the price tag was completely outrageous, isn't that what money is for? Money = time = comfort.

Steve Eck said...

Thanks for the comments.