Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Party

Last night I went up to Brenden's godparent's mansion for his and Allison's summer party. They had a good turnout considering that it was planned less then a week in advance. I guess the opportunity to spend an evening hanging out in a beautiful mansion on Lake Minnetonka helps motivate people. Unfortunately Linzy was out of town this weekend so she wasn't able to go.

The party was a good time, and everyone seemed to have fun.

On the invitation reply I had jokingly said that I would be there, but expecting Flaming Dr. Pepper shots. Since, where better to do anything involving dangerous flames then someone else's multi-million dollar home? Well Allison went all out and bought the components to make homemade Flaming shots and they were a big hit. Brenden even showed his inner daredevil when he spilled 151 (liquid flame) all over his hands while dunking a shot.

Interestingly, while I was talking with people at the party I was asked by three different people (and also once on behalf of someone's friend) whether I could get them jobs at my company. That was pretty strange, but I suppose it says something about the current job market.

All in all it was an entertaining time, and it was nice of Brenden and Allison to provide food and drinks (and a mansion!) for everyone.

[ Linzy had the point-and-shoot camera with her, so I didn't have a camera with. So no pictures other then the blurry mobile shots of the flaming shots. ]

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