Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I was finishing up my workout on the elliptical this evening and since the episode of The Wire: Season 2 was already over, I was paying more attention to the display then normal. During the cooldown the machine was displaying various stats on what I had done, and then at one point displayed the total number of calories burned using the memory setting that I use: 170,712.

That seemed like a pretty decent amount considering I've only owned the machine for 8.5 months, and for several of the early months I was using a different memory setting. It works out to at least 20,000 calories a month, and more then 1,200 per session (assuming I was managing 4 sessions per week, which I wasn't).

Unfortunately Google failed me when trying to find something to scale 170,000 calories against, providing instead page after page of stories on how Heidi Klum bought Posh Spice a dozen cupcakes a week for a year for her birthday, which supposedly total 170,000 calories. It should be safely more then the amount in the piece of leftover cheesecake I ate while writing this.

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