Thursday, July 31, 2008

Accidents Happen

Back in May, when I bought the new camera, there were a number of accessories that I needed to buy to go along with it. Some of the items, specifically memory cards and lens filters, were much, much cheaper online. So much more expensive that I couldn't justify spending the extra money at a local store just to have it sooner.

At the same time, I didn't really want to wait days on end to be able to use my shiny new camera just because my memory card was making its way across the US like a sloth. A smart buyer would have ordered the memory card prior to the purchase, but, well, I didn't, so make of that what you will.

Anyways, in the end I found close to the cheapest fast memory cards at Amazon, and that was when inspiration struck: the free month trial of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a year-long subscription-based service where you get free two-day shipping on orders as small as you like (as opposed to the $25 minimum on super-saver shipping). The free month trial seemed perfect, all I had to do was sign up, order all my camera accessories and the cancel before the month was up.


So over the month of May, I ordered various other camera accessories from Amazon and was able to take full advantage of that quick shipping. Towards the end of the month, I was getting ready to cancel it, but wanted to hold out until I ordered the last item: a camera backpack.

The trouble with backpacks was that I wanted to be able to actually check them out before ordering, which meant that I had to find the time to go to a real store prior to submitting the order. For a variety of reasons, that took until the bitter end of May but I eventually submitted my order. I then left for the June three week travel extravaganza, and completely forgot that I was supposed to have canceled Amazon Prime after the backpack shipped.

So now, thanks to trying to eek out the last bit of value from a free trial, I am a member of Amazon Prime for 12 months. Which is of course exactly what they want to happen with the free-trial. Making matters worse is the fact that I've ordered exactly one thing since May to take advantage of that membership. The even worse part will be trying to remember next April/May to cancel the membership.


Moe said...

I'd start ordering everything you can from Amazon. Big heavy stuff, candy bars, toilet paper - whatever you can to make it worth it :)

Shawn said...

That's too funny, because I did the same thing... except I cancelled the Amazon Prime the day after I started the free month trial. :-P