Monday, July 14, 2008

Best Press Conference Ever

Today was the Microsoft pre-E3 press conference, which announced (among other things):

  • Netflix instant watch will stream to the XBox 360.
  • AC/DC will be in Rock Band 2
  • All Rock Band 1 tracks can be imported into Rock Band 2 for less then $5
  • Final Fantasy 13 is coming to the XBox 360 in North America

Plus they released the full Rock Band 2 song list, with all kinds of additional non-AC/DC awesomeness. Seriously, Hungry like the Wolf and Eye of the Tiger? The singing at our next party should be highly amusing. I fear the 84 song endless setlist though.

1 comment:

Moe said...

Wow, Netflix instant watch to the 360 kinda kicks ass. Makes my Apple TV even more worthless now. :)