Monday, July 07, 2008

Fourth of July

4th of July 058On Friday, Linzy and I had a few people over for a Fourth of July get together. It was thrown together somewhat last minute, with Linzy being out of town most of last week, but we had a good turn out and I think everyone had fun.

Thanks to the awesome weather this weekend we were actually able to extensively use the newly stained deck. That also came in handy later in the evening when we watched the surrounding fireworks displays. When it comes to fireworks, this year was quite the impressive display. You can normally see portions of local city fireworks displays from the deck, but it also turned out that virtually all of my neighbors spent the bulk of their stimulus checks on fancy fireworks and then proceeded to try and out-do each other. More then one neighbor had a 'grand finale' display, to give you an idea of their level of commitment.

Fourth of July-11
After the fireworks, Allison, Brenden, Linzy and I tried a game of Rummikub, which I haven't played with more then two players for a long, long time. Allison got stuck with a over a tray of pieces she couldn't play and so had to keep drawing tiles over and over while the rest of us tried to make do without any of the pieces she was hoarding. The amusing thing was once she finally could play, she was able to go out in one turn and win.

In yet another sign that we are all getting old, half the party left shortly after dinner in order to be able to put kids to bed at normal times, and the whole event was over by midnight. Still, I am pretty sure everyone had a good time, and it was nice to be able to spend time with people.

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