Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Justification for Moving

I was having having lunch with Paul today (rescheduled from last week) and most of the conversation focused on house and moving. Since he and Laura are moving later this week, and I was over helping move some things on Sunday that shouldn't be too surprising.

Anyways, as we were talking about houses and the dynamics of why people decide to move. There are lots of reasons people give, but I was arguing that most are probably not really the underlying reason. Do you really need those vaulted ceilings? Is wanting a flat yard really sufficient reason to move to a 50% more expensive house?

Note I wasn't saying there was anything wrong with people wanting to move. Nor was I arguing that there aren't also reasons for moving. Moving to be closer to a job, closer to a school for the kids, to get out of a bad neighborhood, or to accommodate a growing/changing family all came up as reasons that seemed like they could support a decision to move.

Instead I was focusing more on the reasons people give when it seems more likely they just want a nicer home. Which, is not a problem. If you can afford it, go for it. I just think it is interesting all the reasons people give that are more-or-less just dancing around the desire for a new house.

For example, when Linzy and I move, I'll tell you right now that it will probably partially be because we want something a little nicer. Sure it might be nice if the backyard wasn't a steep hill, but that's why we have a huge deck instead. And while it might be nice to have more bedrooms upstairs, we can't really legitimately say we need that space right now. So even though those would be 'reasons' for moving, I would argue they probably aren't the real reasons.

It seems more likely that we will just have happened to find a good deal (on a nicer house), or that it will be closer to work, or that we just decided to drop some extra savings into a nicer house. We're just too practical to move for the sake of moving or so we could have nicer kitchen cabinets.

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