Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Phone

Approximately one year ago Linzy and I re-upped with Sprint and got new cell phones. Picking the phones was some what of an ordeal.

Initially Linzy was dead set on a Moto Razr. After a few days with that phone, it was painfully obvious that the battery was going to be a problem since even new it couldn't hold a charge for more then a day. After a week or two of contemplation and much searching online, eventually Linzy found a different model phone (a Fusic) that was available at just one Sprint store in the area, and exchanged the Razr for a phone with much better battery life.

Meanwhile, I bought a Katana DLX, which had just come out a week or two earlier. I really wanted a Sprint Mogul, for its large slider keyboard, relatively small form-factor, and ability to get work e-mail. Unfortunately the Mogul was pretty expensive, costing $75-100 more then the already more-then-Linzy's-phone Katana DLX.

In the end I cheaped out and settled for the Katana, and spent the next month mulling over whether I should have just paid the extra and gotten the Mogul. But I stuck to my guns and didn't exchange the phone. And for the last year I've been more-or-less happy with the Katana DLX.

However, as I've gotten busier and busier at work, especially with more and more meetings, I've really been wishing that I had a phone that could sync with my work calendar to keep me headed to the meeting then they fall back to back, and maybe be able to do a little work e-mail. I've been using the Katana a bit for e-mail, but the lack of a qwerty keyboard made it useless except in the most dire circumstances.

So for the past few months I've been watching (well Google Reader's been watching) Craigslist for secondhand Sprint Moguls. They've come and gone periodically, but I never broke down and bought one. Partly due to the fact that since Sprint lacks SIM cards, you have to be careful that a Sprint phone has a clean ESN if you buy a used one, lest you get stuck with someone else's early termination fee.

Yesterday, with some birthday money from last month burning a hole in my pocket, I finally broke down and bought a Mogul. It wasn't the cheapest that has come across the list, but it was reasonably priced and the guy seemed somewhat less flakey then most other sellers.

Last night, while Linzy was probably rolling her eyes over me spending money so that I could work more, I drove out to Chanhassen, checked out the phone, called Sprint to verify the ESN, and parted with a chunk of my hard-earned money in exchange for a relatively shiny Sprint Mogul.

By the time I got home last night I didn't really have time to do much of anything with it, except wipe the old owner's data and put in a few critical contacts. Today at work I managed to relatively painlessly get it configured for e-mail and calendar syncing and have been thoroughly enjoying playing around with it. Having a qwerty keyboard is as awesome as I was expecting, even if this one is frequently a tad sensitive.

I'm still trying to figure out the dizzying array of options Windows Mobile provides, which I am pretty sure allow me to do just about anything under the sun, if you can just find the right checkbox six tabs deep in the third dialog box opened from one of the four menu options on the main screen. You know, right where you would expect it to be.

Overall the phone seems well worth the extra cost, even if it is a smidge larger then the Katana DLX (though not by as much as you would think). Hopefully as I get the hang of more of the options and get it fully configured, it will be even more useful.

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Moe said...

I used to have the LG Fusic, then it broke and Sprint replaced it with a LG Musiq. It's the best phone I've ever had, but for the same reasons you stated, now I'd really like to get something with a qwerty.