Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rogue Salesman

A follow-up to the crazy Frontier in-person sales tactic story from a couple days ago:

On Friday I looked at the Frontier website trying to find out more information about the strange forced $5 charge for fiber optic conversion, and while I could find some information about digital phone service I couldn't find any information about why we would have to pay more and why we were being forced into a plan that included pre-paid long distance.

Based on that Linzy called Frontier and they claimed there was nothing they could do about changes made based on in-person sales. It had to be taken up with the in-person sales department, and they couldn't even tell us who had made the changes to our account (as in, who do we call in that other department).

After some heated discussion, and some time for the rep to check with managers, they eventually decided that they could do something, mainly change everything back the way it was. But they still couldn't explain what had happened, who the sales rep was who had gone door-to-door, or why he was lying to customers.

The whole thing is quite weird and frustrating. I'm fully confident that in a month when the next bill comes, I'll be calling Frontier to try to get things straightened out again.

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Bill Roehl said...

Now THAT is just wrong!